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Imagine it is 1945 and you are flying low and slow over Germany as part of the advancing American Army.....
While you will not be flying over Germany, you can fly in an authentic World War II Warbid that did. The CAF Joe Foss Squadron gives you an opportunity to fly in the backseat of our L-5 Sentinel plane. 
A history flight is a great opportunity for those interested in aviation, military history, or as a gift. Our rides are guarranteed to provide the rider with a great view. 
  • Accessibility -- Must be able to climb into the backseat of the aircraft

  • Ear Protection -- Radio Headset will provided to communicate with pilot.

  • Flight Intensity -- Medium (similar to commercial airliner; may feel low G-forces on turns/banks)

For more information about a ride or a gift certificate, email

Sit back and watch a ride in our "Sentinel"

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Joe Foss CAF L-5
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