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2016 dream hangar

On Friday, July 22nd, 2016 while preparing for the Sioux Falls Airshow, the Maverick Air Center hangar became the home to an amazing colletion of WWII aircraft... if even just for one night!

Thanks to the Texas Flying Legends Museum, CAF Arizona, CAF Missouri, CAF Minnesota, CAF Joe Foss Squadron, CAF Tora Tora Tora, Fagen Fighters and a couple privately owned warbirds the hangar housed 17 WWII aircraft.  Things dreams are made of!  

Thanks goes out to CAF Col Bryan Brost, CAF Col Brian Neeves and Maverick Flight Line Rob Thwing for stacking the hangar!


CAF Arizona - B-17G
        "Sentimenal Journey"

CAF Missouri- B-25 "Show Me"

CAF Missouri TBM Avenger

CAF Minnesota BT-13

CAF Minnesota PT-22

CAF Joe Foss Squadron L-5B

CAF Tora Tora Tora -
        Japanese Zero

TFLM Spitfire



TFLM F4U Corsair

TFLM F4F Wildcat

TFLM P-40 Warhawk

Fagen Fighters P-38 Lightning

Kent Pietcsh Interstate Cadet

Privately owned P-51D

Privately owned T-6 Texan

Thank you to Justin Quigley with Birdseye Productions for coming out on a Friday night to take these amazing photos!

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