2014 Hangar Dance Fundraiser

Our L-5 Sentinel giving another happy history buff a ride!

DC-3 Spirit of Detroit on the Maverick ramp

The Maverick Flight Line from above

Hangar Dance set up

It was a treat to have a Classic Car Club attend

This Vintage limo was plane side ready to greet guests

Fagen Fighters B-25 and P-51 arrive with a nice flyby

Fagen Fighters P-51 Sweet Revenge

CAF Col Chris Geringer getting a look from inside the B-25

Fagen Fighters B-25 Paper Doll

Another view of Fagen Fighters P-51 Sweet Revenge

An awesome view of the B-25 on the flight line at Maverick

Let the dancing begin!

The Gale Pifer Orchestra filled the hangar with awesome 40s music

Enjoying the music between swing dancing

Our L-5 Sentinel as the sun rises

Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Sioux Falls Regional Airport

The American Airlines DC-3 Spirit of Detriot was a higlight

The South Dakota Air Guard joined in with an F-16 on display

A beautiful Waco from EAA member Bruce Beacroft

This is one of the oldest DC-3s still flying.

DC-3 Spirit of Detriot on the ramp

Our L-5 Sentinel prepared for another great event

A 1940s aircraft tug on display in the WWII camp

Getting buckled in for an awesome flight

CAF members Erica, Joe and Chuck greeting people at the door

EAA member Bruce Beacroft and his wife arrived in style

CAF Joe Foss Squadron with Ron and Diane Fagen

CAF members Bryan and Jamie Brost ready for a great dance

CAF family Reed, Lora Mark, and Alex Veldhuizen step back into the 40s

South Dakota State University US Air Force ROTC cadets