2013 Hangar Dance inaugural Fundraiser

2013 Hangar Dance Poster

B-29 "FiFi" set up for the hangar dance

P-51D "Big Beautiful Doll"

The freshly painted nose art on our L-5 Sentinel

CAF B-24 "Diamond Lil" arriving for the event

CAF B-24 flyover on arrival

P-51D "Big Beautiful Doll" taxiing in

Riders being briefed for a ride on the B-24

USMC WWII Pilot Claude Hone still wearing his uniform!

CAF B-29 "FiFi" on display for all to see

WWII Camp with an operational field kitchen

1943 37mm anti-tank cannon on display in the WWII camp

WWII bomb truck on display in the WWII camp

Can you see the happy face?

CAF P-51D "Brat II"

1942 Ford GPW on display in the WWII camp

The CAF Joe Foss Squadron display

CAF Joe Foss Squadron members at the end of the first hangar dance

She may be small but she is ours - Our L-5 Sentinel passing by "FiFi"

The B-29 was an awesome sight nosed into the hangar for the dance

Hangar dance swing dancing

WWII Veteran USMC Corsair pilot Claude Hone becomes a Joe Foss Squadron member

B-29 "FiFi' ready for the hangar dance

1942 Jeep and CAF B-24 ready for visitors to tour

P-51D and T-6 Texan on display

Can't beat that view during the dance